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Dec 11
Holiday Jewelry & Firepower

Holiday Jewelry & Firepower Auction

  •   Dec 5 @ 10:03am AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 11 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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Our 2023 Holiday & Firepower Auction is here just in time for the gift shopping and shipping! Featured within this sale are over 500 lots of fine jewelry, firearms, and accessories. There are options for every price point and taste within this sale containing gold, silver, fine gemstones, rifles, handguns, ammunition, and much more! Everything within this sale is starting at $5 and being sold without reserve, login and bid today!

Dec 8
December Cards & Collectibles

December 2022 Cards & Collectibles Auction

  •   Nov 29 @ 9:07pm AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 8 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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Our latest Cards & Collectibles Auction is full of over 300 amazing lots! Highlights include a collection of autographed memorabilia from Negro National League players and binders of baseball card collections and player singles, sealed Pokémon products and cards including a 1999 base set Charizard holo card, comics, collectible toys, sealed non-sports card products & more!

Dec 6
December Fantastic Finds

December Fantastic Finds Auction

  •   Nov 29 @ 8:40pm AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 6 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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Our latest Fantastic Finds Auction is full of nearly 450 treasures and unique potential gifts for your bidding consideration. Highlights include a broad offering of fine art, ethnographic art, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, art glass, sporting goods, ceramics, fur coats, handbags, and much more!

December Premier Auction

December 2022 Premier Auction

  •   Dec 3 @ 10:00am AKST (Online Bidding)
  •   (Live Bidding)
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This fantastic sale, totaling nearly 275 lots will be one to remember, and is just in time for finding true one of a kind treasures during this Holiday shopping season! Just a few of the many highlights in this auction include: Several large and important paintings of Alaskan interest and beyond with artist names to include Ace Powell, Adolf Jebens, Francis Henry Beaugureau, Claire Fejes, Harvey Goodale, Nicholas Coleman, David Mollett, Norman Lowell, James Belcher, Andrew Hemingway, Jim Knutson, Ray Sandberg, and more. A number of important Alaskan ethnographic antiques, including several Tlingit octopus bags, Tlingit spruce root and cedar bark basketry, a mid 19th century Eskimo caribou tooth belt, and other early 20th century objects from across the state. A smattering of fine gold, silver, diamond, and gemstone jewelry. A large collection of Alaska Native art, including numerous cribbage board, walrus tusk carvings, baleen baskets, and grass baskets, amongst others. Two blue vivianite mammoth tusks, a pathological mammoth molar, an ice age cave bear jawbone, and fine megalodon teeth, amongst other natural history objects. A large offering of important Russian objects including enameled silver and icons dating back to the 18th century. An impressive collection of taxidermy to include a musk-ox, multiple dall sheep, moose and caribou antlers, etc. And so much more!

Nov 29
Nov. 2022 Curiosities Auction

November 2022 Curiosities Auction

  •   Nov 22 @ 7:31pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 29 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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Our latest signature Curiosities Auction is full of over 500 treasures just waiting to be found. Highlights include vintage gaming machines, fine art & sculptures, quality ceramics, jewelry, basketry, ethnographic items, fine apparel, furnishings, collectibles, antiques, and more!

Nov 27
Arctic Estate Auction

Arctic Estate Auction

  •   Nov 18 @ 3:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 27 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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Antique & vintage wood furniture, high-quality fine jewelry, antique clocks, original oil paintings & other artwork, coins, unique household goods, and more! Email:

Nov 22
Thanksgiving Wine & Spirits Auction

Thanksgiving Wine & Spirits Auction

  •   Nov 10 @ 9:22pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 22 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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Alaska Premier Liquor presents this auction which features over 100 bottles of wine & spirits for your enjoyment. All bottles are offered with $5 opening bids and no reserves. Don't miss out on these outstanding deals! Email:

Nov 21
AK Seafoods Liquidation Auction

Alaska Seafoods Liquidation Auction

  •   Nov 14 @ 1:30pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 21 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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This sale includes a 1984 Chevy Box Truck, A Towmotor triple mast & sideshifter forklift, commercial canning equipment and supplies, commercial kitchen equipment, office supplies, and so much more!

Nov 20
November 2022 Treasure Trove Auction

November 2022 Treasure Trove Auction

  •   Nov 14 @ 5:08pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 20 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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Our latest signature Treasure Trove auction is full of over 450 treasures just waiting to be found. Highlights include a plethora of Alaska Ethnographic artwork and carvings, fine jewelry, collectibles, antiques, decorative items, artwork, and more! Contact:

Nov 20
Albatross Bar & Restaurant - Kenai

Albatross Bar & Restaurant Liquidation - Kenai, AK

  •   Nov 12 @ 12:13pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 20 @ 12:00pm AKST (End)
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Alaska Premier Auctions & Appraisals is pleased to present the auction of equipment, fixtures, and other contents of The Albatross bar & restaurant located outside of Kenai, AK.

Nov 18
ACOC 65th Annual Gold Pan Awards Silent Auction

ACOC 65th Annual Gold Pan Awards Silent Auction

  •   Nov 14 @ 12:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 18 @ 7:30pm AKST (End)
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This online silent auction fundraiser features an assortment of customized gift baskets, restaurant & hotel gift cards, and more!

Nov 17
November Discovery Auction

November 2022 Discovery Auction

  •   Nov 8 @ 6:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 17 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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What will you discover in this over 600 lot auction? Everything within starts with just a $5 opening bid, and has no reserves. Whether you are looking for fine jewelry, a quality fur coat, artwork, furniture, tools, collectibles, or a unique gift, this sale has something waiting to be found. Email:

Nov 15
Willie's Marine Bankruptcy Auction

Willie's Marine Bankruptcy Auction - Juneau, AK

  •   Oct 15 @ 5:17pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Nov 15 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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Highlights include A 2007 GMC 4500 Duramax diesel 4x4 flatbed, 2018 Ford F550 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel, a 2013 Ford F350, A 2016 MMLJ Mobile XL DB800 dustless blaster unit on Trailer, 3x 20' connex units, a 40' connex unit, several snow plows and sanders, two new semi-v Alweld boats, a 36' Striker aluminum fishing boat hull, a 25' Bayliner hull, A 2010 Chevrolet Express 3500, decorative marine items, several new outboards, 3x 36' Long hooped storage shelters, and approximately 80 pallets containing items ranging from complete lower units & dozens of brand new propellers to tins of nuts and bolts - the complete contents of the showroom & parts room. Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Nov 13
Nov. Coins & Firepower Auction

November 2022 Coins & Firepower Auction

  •   Nov 6 @ 4:33pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 13 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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This nearly 350 lot auction is loaded with literal treasure! Highlights include a plethora of gold coins, early American coinage, rare silver dollars, over a doze firearms, and more!

Nov 9
November Flash Auction

November 2022 Flash Auction

  •   Nov 2 @ 6:20pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Nov 9 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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This expedited auction containing just over 200 lots is full of hidden treasures, browse and bid today! Highlights include a 2012 Range Rover, a 1970 VW Bug, an 18' Alumitech Airboat w/cab, a 2010 Yamaha V-Star 650, a 1997 Ford F-350 plow truck, a plethora of surplus commercial kitchen equipment, art, bicycles, and even a pile of Alaskan gold!

Nov 5
Junior Achievement of Alaska Auction Fundraiser

Junior Achievement of Alaska - 2022 Auction Fundraiser

  •   Oct 28 @ 12:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Nov 5 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This online silent auction fundraiser features an assortment of customized gift baskets, restaurant & hotel gift cards, jewelry, Alaskan experiences, tech gadgets, scholarship sponsorships, and more, with a little bit of just about everything to suit anyone's bidding desires!

Nov 3
Barbie World Auction Part II

Barbie World Auction Part II

  •   Oct 25 @ 6:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Nov 3 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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Be the best bidder in the Barbie world in this over 350-lot auction filled with rare and unique Barbies! Highlights include Silkstone Barbies, Barbie Basics, Designer Barbies, Celebrity Barbies, Platinum & Gold Labeled Barbies & much more!

Nov 1
Allure Spa & Salon Liquidation

Allure Day Spa & Hair Design Liquidation Auction

  •   Oct 24 @ 11:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Nov 1 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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After 30+ years in business, the time has come for Allure Day Spa & Hair Design to permanently close their doors. All remaining equipment and products are for sale to the highest bidder!

Oct 30
Riehl Sew N Vac Liquidation Auction

Riehl Sew N Vac Liquidation Auction

  •   Oct 21 @ 2:42pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Oct 30 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This sale contains the complete remaining contents of the longtime Anchorage landmark, Riehl Sew N Vac. Highlights include a plethora of sewing and quilting machines ranging from affordable entry level machines to state of the art professional machines worth tens of thousands of dollars, brand new sewing cabinets, fixtures, displays, accessories, thread, software, shelving, parts, tools, and everything else you could possibly imagine. Do not miss this rare opportunity to bid on quality and hard to find inventory, everything is starting at $5 and will sell to the highest bidder! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

6 Properties Across Alaska

Fall 2022 Real Estate Auction

  •   Oct 29 @ 10:00am AKDT (Online Bidding)
  •   (Live Bidding)
  •   Add to Calendar
We're offering 6 pieces of real estate in Anchor Point, Talkeetna, Canyon Lake, Lake Clark National Park, Caribou Hills, and Caribou Island. Please direct all questions to our in-house Realtor, Abigail McLagan at 907-308-0282 or

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