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Apr 21
Collection of David & Rene Haag

The Art Collection of Dave & Rene Haag

  •   Apr 8 @ 4:43pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 21 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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We are honored to offer nearly 250 select works exclusively from the collection of David & Rene Haag within this single-owner auction. Lovingly collected over decades, each piece bears memories from the impactful lives of these prominent local residents, known most notably for ownership of Blaines Art, an Anchorage landmark. Original works by many regarded, predominately local, artists are present within this sale including James Havens, Lynn Boots, Kurt Jacobson, Byron Birdsall, Rene Haag, Andy Sonneborn, Don Kolstad, Jo Reece, KN Goodrich, and many more.  Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Apr 19
April Treasure Trove

April 2022 Treasure Trove Auction

  •   Apr 12 @ 4:16pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 19 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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Highlights in this over 500 lot auction include a plethora of Alaska Native Art & Crafts, a good offering of original artwork and multiples, a good selection of fine jewelry, collectibles, antiques, decorative objects, Alaskana, and more. With so many treasures there is sure to be something for everyone! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Apr 18
AK Picker Private Selection Part II

Alaska Picker Private Selection Part II

  •   Apr 3 @ 3:32pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 18 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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Highlights include a vast array of scarce predominately Alaskan books, numerous autographed items of historical significance, rare Alaskan milk bottles, rare fishing floats, Alaska Native artwork, art prints, items from the Estate of Harvey Goodale, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Apr 12
Audio/Video Equipment Auction

Imig A/V Surplus Equipment Auction

  •   Apr 2 @ 7:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 12 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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Highlights in this auction include a New Atlas Sound 8" 2-Way Stadium Horn System, a CM Lodestar 1/2 Ton Hoist, a Massive U.S. Flag from Alaska 2008 McCain/Palin Campaign Rallies, U.S. & Alaska 2008 McCain/Palin Campaign Flags, a Loaded Tight Lies Golf Caddy with 13x Taylor Made Clubs, a Vevor 440-Pound Electric Hoist, a Burt Sugerman Productions "Freedom From Crisis" Film Reel, a Great Alaska Railroad Hobo Jim Show Master Copy Cassette, and so much more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Fantastic Finds Live Online Auction

Fantastic Finds Simulcast Auction

  •   Apr 12 @ 5:12pm AKDT (Online Bidding)
  •   (Live Bidding)
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LOCATION: All inventory is located at our warehouse facility at 1310 West International Airport Road, Anchorage AK 99518. PREVIEW: Limited previews and additional condition reports, photos, or videos are available upon request, please email atleast 48 hours prior to the auction close with inquiries.

Apr 10
April Discovery Auction

April 2022 Discovery Auction

  •   Apr 2 @ 8:13pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 10 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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Highlights in this 520 lot auction include a 2006 Lincoln Mark LT 4WD pickup, a reconstructed 2014 Ford Mustang Coupe, more than two dozen mostly African taxidermy mounts including the kudu, nyala, gemsbok, and others, a large collection of Fred Machetanz lithographs, sporting goods, vintage games, ivory carvings, and other Alaska Native sculptures, grass basketry, fine scrimshaw jewelry, tools & household goods, art prints, ceramics, and so much more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Apr 9
Online Silent Auction Fundraiser

The Children's Place Havana Ball Gala - Silent Auction Fundraiser

  •   Apr 2 @ 12:00am AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 9 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
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Alaska Premier Auctions & Appraisals is pleased to present our latest online-only benefit auction. Welcome to our The Children's Place Annual Gala Fundraiser Auction! Bid Online Now At: Support The Children's Place by bidding in our online auction featuring dozens of gift baskets with locally made crafts, gift certificates to local businesses, apparel, Marvel, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins signed memorabilia, and much more! Read about The Children's Place online at: "What is The Children's Place? We are a Child Advocacy Center. ​ Child advocacy centers provide a child-friendly, safe and neutral location in which law enforcement and Child Protective Services investigators may conduct and observe forensic interviews with children who are alleged victims of crimes, and where the child and non-offending family members receive support, crisis intervention and referrals for mental health and medical treatment. The Child advocacy center model's main objective is to reduce trauma to child victims by bringing everyone together and sharing information one time. These multidisciplinary teams are made up of law enforcement officers, child protective service personnel, prosecutors, lawyers, advocates, mental health therapists and medical personnel. The multidisciplinary team meets regularly to communicate and collaborate on child abuse cases. Cases are reviewed with the victim’s initial disclosure, through investigation, treatment and prosecution. Our teamwork in the best interest of the child." This online auction will open for bidding on Saturday, April 2nd, and begin closing Saturday, April 9th at 7pm AKDT. LOCATION: Raven Hall Palmer, Alaska 99645 PREVIEW: There are no previews offered for the inventory in this auction. Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Apr 6
37 Storage Unit Auction

East Side Storage Auction

  •   Mar 30 @ 4:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 6 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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We have 37 storage units in Anchorage, Alaska for sale via online auction, only accepting bids online. Who knows what kind of treasures await?! Highlights include commercial kitchen equipment, sporting goods, furniture and much more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Apr 3
Corporate Office Liquidation

Corporate Office Liquidation

  •   Mar 21 @ 6:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 3 @ 4:00pm AKDT (End)
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Nearly 1,000 lots of industrial-grade goods from Arctic gear to quality electronics, Alaskan artwork, office supplies, plus sporting goods and tools from the National Science Foundation – an independent agency of the U.S. Government, and so much more!! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Apr 1
April Fools Spirits

April Fools Spirits Auction

  •   Mar 25 @ 4:29pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 1 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This over 120 lot auction has a drink for every taste. Highlights include rums, whiskeys, wines, gins, absinthe, and more! Whether you are in the market for an affordable under $50 bottle or something fancier ranging into the several hundred dollar range, this auction has something for you. Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 30
March Curiosities

March Curiosities Auction

  •   Mar 24 @ 10:15am AKDT (Start)
  •   Mar 30 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This sale is another big one at nearly 500 lots for your bidding consideration. Highlights include a collection of Jacques & Mary Regat stone lithographs and an abundance of other Alaskan artwork, a large collection of RC planes and accessories, tools, sporting goods, exercise equipment, decorative objects, collectibles, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 25
March Treasure Trove

March Treasure Trove Auction

  •   Mar 16 @ 12:51am AKDT (Start)
  •   Mar 25 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This sale containing nearly 600 lots has an abundance of treasures just waiting to be discovered! Highlights include a massive selection of new and estate jewelry at all price points, an impressive offering of ivory carvings, scrimshaw, and Alaska Native crafts, a finely polished mammoth tusk, Alaskana, collectibles, toys & games, sporting goods, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 23
March Discovery

March 2022 Discovery Auction

  •   Mar 17 @ 5:48pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Mar 23 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This sale containing over 450 lots has something for everyone to discover. Highlights include fine antiques, quality jewelry, decorative objects, collectibles, vinyl, gently used furnishings, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 17
March Coins & Currency

March 2022 Coin & Currency Auction

  •   Mar 10 @ 12:31pm AKST (Start)
  •   Mar 17 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This sale containing over 250 lots is rife with coins and banknotes for your bidding consideration! Highlights include a plethora of Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars, contemporary Silver Dollars, mixed coin silver, silver certificates, and other banknotes, mint sets, proof sets, a large offering of early commemorative half dollars, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 15
St. Patrick's Day Spirits

St. Patrick's Day Spirits Auction

  •   Mar 2 @ 3:32pm AKST (Start)
  •   Mar 15 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This specialty auction containing 70 lots is curated with St. Patrick's Day in mind! Within, you will find a myriad of fine predominately Irish beverages, a strong emphasis was placed on amassing a boutique offering of fine Whiskeys. Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 13
Furs & Firearms

Furs & Firearms Auction

  •   Mar 2 @ 6:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Mar 13 @ 6:00pm AKDT (End)
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This over 300 lot auction is perfectly described by the name and is loaded with you guessed it- furs and firearms. Cleaned skulls, exquisite rugs, wolf pelts, coyotes, foxes, beavers, minks, ermines, lynxes, African critters, rifles, pistols, ammunition, and more! Whether you are looking for pristine fur to hang on your wall, or are looking for premier furs to use in crafting, look no further! And don't forget the firearms! Whether you need an SKS, AR-556, 30-06 Mauser, Marlin 45-70 Guide Gun, Kimber Custom .45 ACP, Smith & Wesson .38 airweight, or an antique shotgun with markings for Wells Fargo & Co, look no further! These are just a few of the over 50 lots of firearms and ammunition featured in this fantastic sale! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 8
2022 Fur Rondy Auction

Official 2022 Fur Rendezvous Auction

  •   Feb 25 @ 7:05pm AKST (Start)
  •   Mar 8 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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This nearly 100 lot auction, the official auction for Fur Rendezvous, contains a grouping of artwork from the Rondy Archives as well as artwork recently gifted to Rondy by the Wells Fargo Museum, a 2013 Polaris IQ LXT touring snowmachine with less than 400 miles, a Leopard Seal fur coat, a plethora of Fur Rondy pins with some scarce early years, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 6
Collectors Auction

March 2022 Collectors Auction

  •   Feb 27 @ 1:58pm AKST (Start)
  •   Mar 6 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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This nearly 450 lot auction is one you don't want to miss! Highlights include a very large collection of World War I and II objects, with several very rare pieces recovered from Attu Island, numerous high-quality scale models of military ships and planes, fine artwork, jewelry, primitives, antiques, jewelry, Alaskana, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

State Hide & Horn Auction

2022 State Hide & Horn Auction

  •   Mar 6 @ 12:00pm AKST (Online Bidding)
  •   (Live Bidding)
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This fantastic sale, totaling over 280 lots is a uniquely Alaskan experience. All net proceeds of the sale go to supporting the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. This year's sale is especially large after being canceled due to COVID last year. Bid your price on Brown Bear Pelts, Black Bear Pelts, Coyote Pelts, Fox Pelts, Moose Antlers, Sheep Horns, Caribou Antlers, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

Mar 3
March Cards & Collectibles

March 2022 Cards & Collectibles Auction

  •   Feb 21 @ 5:23pm AKST (Start)
  •   Mar 3 @ 6:00pm AKST (End)
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This over 350 lot auction features an absolutely massive collection of Magic the Gathering cards, including several very rare early examples and sealed products, numerous Pokemon cards, an abundance of sports cards, and more! Email: Phone: 907.570.7050

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