Individual Consignments

Have a single high-ticket item or a personal collection to sell?

We're always interested in real estate, vehicles, firearms, diamonds, heavy equipment, autographed collectibles, historic artifacts and objects, rare & unusual items, and more. Contact Us Today! >>

Watch our video and read on to learn about our Process, our Competitive Advantage, and our Mission:

Our Process

We pride ourselves on selling inventory in an easy, efficient, and profitable manner. We offer complimentary walk-throughs and digital consultations to assess the potential value of your assets. Whether you have a few pieces of artwork, a collection of collectibles, or an entire estate with a lifetime of living, our in-house Appraiser will give you a fair, researched estimate of value. With options to drop off at our warehouse facility, have our high quality professionals transport your valuables, or catalog at your location, we operate with utmost care and concern. We strive to provide you with seller anonymity and peace of mind at an affordable cost during your transition time. Whatever the case for parting with your possessions, we are honored to lend a helping hand with one of our carefully curated auctions. Once arrangements are made, we use professional photography equipment and vivid, accurate descriptions to highlight each item’s value. After the sale, you’ll receive timely payment with clear, concise, detailed auction reports. 

Our Competitive Advantage

We are marketing professionals and use only the latest and greatest in technology to achieve the highest monetary return for your property. Our rapidly growing online database of thousands of qualified eager bidders who are able to bid with ease from anywhere in the world with a click of a button via our mobile bidding app for Android or iOS. We are the only Auction House in Alaska to offer such mobile services for our on-the-go customers. Our high quality professional photographs, detailed and accurate descriptions, and friendly customer service all pave the road to your success. We love our jobs and look forward to serving you.

Our Mission

We strive to be open, transparent, honest and ethical throughout the whole auction process from start to finish, operating with experience and efficiency to help all of our customers (like you!) quickly and comfortably monetize your possessions.

Online Bidding Options

Download our mobile bidding app for iOS and Android. Bid online from anywhere and stay updated on the latest auctions!

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