Estate Sales

What is an Estate Sale?

Estate sales are an opportunity to clear out your belongings in a timely, comfortable, easy manner with our compassionate team.

Our experienced team of experts will take care of you through your transition time, whether due to downsizing, divorce, death, departing from the state, or whatever else life throws at you. Contact Us Today! >>

How does an Estate Sale work?

If you have a large volume of inventory to sell in a short amount of time, you've come to the right place!
Allow our team to come to you. We'll remove junk, sort, group, catalog, market the auction online for 7-10 days, and handle pick-ups from your location depending on your needs. Every situation is unique. Contact Us Today to see how we can help you!

Key Features:

  • We're FAST! Most estate clients receive their settlement check within 6 weeks from the time we conduct one of our complimentary walkthroughs. 
  • It's EASY! We can relieve years of burden, headache and heartache... all condensed down into an expedited timeline.
  • Our team is made of experts. Our staff is skilled at identifying objects of value and grouping items for sale to achieve the maximum price for your belongings.
  • We are marketing professionals. We have tens of thousands of registered bidders, email subscribers, and social media followers in over 40+ countries. Plus, we market every auction online using $$$$ in paid advertising to target the right buyers.
  • Ethics matter. We operate with open, honest, and transparent practices to be fair and equitable to both our buyers and sellers.
  • We prioritize seller anonymity. When selling belongings out of your residence or any location outside of our warehouse, the address is only released after the auction to protect the safety of your items and your privacy.
  • We handle pick-ups: Our team will be on-site when customers come to collect to ensure there is no damage to your property and everyone gets the items they paid for. Invoices must be paid in full for items to be released to the winning bidder. You never have to meet a customer! 
  • Designated pick-up days: We typically allow 2 days for pick-up immediately following the close of the auction. This ensures your space is empty promptly!
  • Quick payment! After the auction, we mail seller settlements and checks in 7-14 business days on average!

Are you convinced and ready to sell your belongings with the #1 Auction House in Alaska?
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