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Job Requirements

Working with us, you'll have the primary responsibility of preparing, coordinating, staging, photographing and generally facilitating the presentation and pricing of items for both live and online auctions.

The following is a list of additional employee roles and responsibilities:

  1. Must possess attention to detail, be capable of writing grammatically correct, have some level of creative writing skills, and have good spelling abilities.
  2. Identifying when and where to refer appraisal of auction items to Specialty Appraisers.
  3. Researching, documenting and communicating pricing options for auction items as needed.
  4. Ensuring all auction items are photographed and presented for optimum presentation to buyers online or in person.
  5. Ensuring all auction items are coordinated, staged and available for viewing during the auction, or by appointment for preview.
  6. Maintaining current working knowledge of online auction resources.
  7. Setting up online auction items in company software in preparation for all events that include online bidding.
  8. All client materials and information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.
  9. All telephone calls and correspondence, both internal and external, will be returned within one business day and within two hours whenever possible in a professional manner.
  10. All employees are responsible for utilizing company technology accurately to leverage online resources and further our competitive advantage in the market.
  11. Every member of the team is responsible for bringing solutions to the table; we never present a problem without a recommendation for its resolution.
  12. Each member of the team is responsible for the relationships we have with our clients; attention to the client experience is always top of mind.
  13. Employees will provide staff assistance as requested, with a spirit of helpfulness. This means each employee may be asked from time to time to cover in other areas of accountability and/or departments as a matter of exception, not routine.
  14. Employees are encouraged to recommend ideas for the betterment of the company, innovations, and improvements within their department and position.
  15. Employees must have their own mode of transportation to and from our warehouse facility or clientele estate job sites.
  16. Employees must have a clean criminal background.
  17. Employees must be able to lift a 50-pound piece of inventory, mostly consisting of boxes and/or furniture items.
  18. Employees must present themselves in a clean, well kept and business professional manner during all working hours.
  19. Employees will be required to show up ON TIME for scheduled shifts.
  20. Employees will display a positive and supportive mental attitude with team members and clients.
  21. Employees must be able to legally handle firearms.
  22. Have a desire to learn, grow and improve their skills as long term member of the team to help advance the company's growth.

Applicants should fill out the form on our website and email us a resume & cover letter to Jobs@AlaskaPremierAuctions.com.

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